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Established American interior designers Robert Brown and Todd Davis of Brown Davis Interiors are pleased to announce their new partnership with Keith Fritz Fine Furniture.  Combining their shared passions for classical architecture, discerning environments and extraordinary craftsmanship, this line of exclusive furniture is hand-made in American for a global audience.

With a portfolio including two previous homes for the Clinton’s, The British Ambassador’s Residence, and an array of projects both here and abroad, Brown Davis Interiors is confident that this line is versatile, fresh and will be recognized as the new classics.

Keith Fritz believes every piece of furniture is a work of art.  Therefore, each item is hand-made in the Heartland of America, one at at time.  Using the highest quality raw materials, along with painstaking details such as hand-cut dovetails, metal inlay, and never-before-seen proprietary colors and finishes, Keith Fritz is a worthy ally for realizing the Brown Davis vision.

As a team we are proud to have developed and offer a first time innovation in furniture finishes.  Any piece from our line is available in our proprietary colored wood finishes.  Colors with beautiful wood grains include purple, pink, blue, peacock, salmon, grey and green.

Our artful range of products is available to the trade in a city near you.  For a complete list of showrooms, please visit or call us at (812) 675-4731

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